Someone on an internal email alias mentioned a link to this. Turns out, it's a Team Foundation client for running on Mono.

An implementation of the Team Foundation libraries and related client programs for the .Net platform. Team Foundation is a 'collection of collaborative technologies that support a team effort to deliver a product' from Microsoft that includes bug tracking, source control, and other capabilities.

This project focuses currently on the SCM related libraries and tools. It includes a fairly functional version of the TF client used to access the SCM capabilities of Team Foundation servers. In some respects, its usability exceeds that of the standard TF tool. It also includes some subcommands from the TF Power Tool, and leverages the Gnome Keyring when available. Team Foundation does not do file attribute tracking, but the included TF client in this project leverages libmagic to implement file attribute tracking on unix platforms.

Link to tf4mono