Developers: Learning While Commuting

Most of us still have to commute to the office, and some of us have to travel a fair bit, and a great way for us techies to get more from this time (other than sleeping!) is to listen to audio shows on interesting technical subjects. I have listened to dozens of different ones over the years in an attempt to learn something and of course there are thousands of podcasts available out there but let me recommend what are, in my opinion, the best two for Developers on the .NET Platform:

1. DotNetRocks

2. Hanselminutes

(If you have a portable video player (like the newer iPods or the Zune) or spare time in front of your PC then I really recommend dnrTV! too; it’s mostly PC-screen-time (code in action) with voice-over and is very useful.)

Before I got my mp3 player I used to just download the mp3’s, burn them to audio CD and listen to them in my car; now with podcasting it’s a lot less effort than that of course. J Either way it’s a very good way of keeping up with technology in your off-time.


(If you know of any shows I may have missed that are as good or better than the ones I've listed above, I'd love to hear your opinion so feel free to contact me!)