Photosynth rocks!

I'm an avid shutterbug and had the opportunity to explore some of Delhi, India's points of interest last weekend. I found myself with plenty of time while I was at one particular location - the 500 year old tomb of Isa Khan Niyazi (near to Humayun's Tomb) and I decided to have a go at creating a PhotoSynth. All this required was to take a huge number of photos of the site from pretty much every angle! I had a GPS with me too so I was able to geotag them when I got home (using Microsoft Pro Photo Tools.)

To create the Synth, I downloaded the tool, dragged-and-dropped all the photos I had taken of the location (612 of them!) on to it, and waited... My PC ran overnight and when it was done, this was the result:

I'm rather pleased with how it came out! You can click around with the mouse, zoom in and out and generally explore the location very much like I actually did. All the 3D mapping etc. was done by the software, looking at the photos and working out what the place looked like! I didn't tell it a thing! Pretty amazing result, I thought.

There is also a 3D viewer version, which is also very cool:

I shall do more of these :-)