Measuring up

I just had a somewhat random thought. Throughout the history of computing, we've come up with one syllable abbreviations for collections of bits. First there were "bytes", then "k", followed by "megs" and now "gigs". How will we shorten "terabytes" to a single syllable? I've come up with a few options but none really sound right.

Ters - pronounced like "terse", or maybe "tares", or even like "brrr" but with a 't' at the start and a 'z' sound at the end

Ts - hey, most of my coworkers wear T-shirts so this could work...

I think petabytes will be easier when we finally get there- "Pets". I'm sure there will be many great jokes about how many cats, dogs, and gerbils everyone has running their computers.

What's your vote? Have you heard anyone using any one syllable abbreviation for terabytes yet?