Must be Monday

Steps to have an interesting Monday morning:

  1. Arrive at work to find that your coworker's door has been locked from the inside
  2. Realize that nobody in the office has keys
  3. Push up the ceiling tiles in an attempt to drop a book over the door through the ceiling to knock the door handle
  4. Realize that the gap left by the ceiling tile inside the office is too small for the Inside SQL Server 2000 book you planned to drop in
  5. Find extra cables (you're a tech company, of course you have power cords, PS2 cables, etc. lying around)
  6. Chain them together, with the power cable at the end tied into a noose (why do you know how to tie nooses? Two words: rock climbing)
  7. Spot through one of the windows along the tops of the office walls while the coworker lowers and swings the noose contraption around
  8. Proclaim "now!" at random intervals, sometimes when the noose is actually around the door handle
  9. Watch as the noose slides off the handle again and again, though eventually it will catch fast
  10. Witness the door handle turn slowly- so slowly- until the door pops open

So where have I been? Let's just pretend I've been locked in his office this whole time. More posts on administrative functions of Team Foundation Server coming, starting later this week!