Ventriloquism: TFS Style

Quite a long time back, Buck posted about how to recover from the situation where one TFS machine is created as a clone from another. This can lead to clients still showing the project list for one server when the connect to the second. Based on a recent Visual Studio Team System forums question (they certainly seem to be inspirational to me these days), I decided to code up a very simple tool that connects to one or more TFS instances and spits out their GUIDs so you can check whether they were cloned from each other. The actual interesting block of code is as follows:

TeamFoundationServer tfs = new TeamFoundationServer(arg);
Console.WriteLine("The GUID for server '{0}' is:{1} {2}",
arg, Environment.NewLine, tfs.InstanceId);

As you can see, there isn't much to finding out the GUID of a server. I've attached the project in case you want to play around with it yourself. Nothing fancy- I even attempted to manually hack it back to a Visual Studio 2008 capable csproj file since I'm using a recent internal version of the next release. Enjoy!