not as simple as Red vs Blue

I ran into Adam Barr ( last week while volunteering to assist with a local Vocational High School's computer curriculum. Adam had left a few responses on my Blog on exchanges on testing at microsoft, and it was a pleasure to meet him in person.

I was reading Adam's blog post from the 24th, and it's clear that he and I see eye to eye on many things such as diversity and it's effect on business, but one large disagreement that I had with his post was how he viewed being in a "blue" state as an advantage. Here's a great take on the red vs blue states; I think it's a more accurate breakdown of the US political landscape. Finally, here's what I see as the most accurate analysis of pork spending. Based on this report, it's clear that the reason it's so good to be in a "blue" state is because of all the pork that comes back when you have democratic representation.