BizTalk Adapter Pack V2 TAP enrollment open!


We are close to releasing the initial CTP of the new BizTalk adapter pack which contains the all new SQL and Oracle E-Business suite adapters. We are looking for your help in securing customers to provide validation of these adapters prior to release. Please either direct customers to the connect site or directly to the nomination form below.

BizTalk Adapter Pack V2 TAP is looking for partners and Customers!!!

The BizTalk Adapter Pack V2 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) is an “early adopter” program intended to validate the quality and obtain feedback on the new features in the BizTalk Adapter Pack V2. Customers interested in joining the Adapter Pack TAP should submit a TAP Nomination Form.

BizTalk Adapter Pack V2 - Themes

New Adapters

· Oracle EBS Adapter

  • Browse and search metadata for each Oracle application
  • Support Interface tables, Interface views
  • Concurrent Programs
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Integration
    • ODP.NET (currently available only on 32bit)
    • Oracle EBS versions supported – and 12
    • Oracle DB versions – 9.2, 10.1 and 10.2

· SQL Server Adapter

  • Insert/Update/Delete/Select operations on tables and views
  • Invoke (SQL and CLR) Stored procedures, scalar valued functions , table value functions
  • Supports execution of generic T-SQL statements, via the ExecuteReader(), ExecuteNonQuery() and ExecuteScalar() operations
  • Configurable polling – polling statement, polling interval, receive multiple result sets
  • Support for x86 and x64 platforms
  • Support for new data types in SQL2005 and SQL2008 (notably FILESTREAM, varbinary(max))
  • UDTs
  • Ability to pass table value parameters
  • Composite operations - invoke operations on multiple tables and call any number of stored procedures in the same transaction
  • SQL query notifications

Enhancements to the existing V1 Adapter Pack

§  Support for new releases of Line of Business Systems

§  Address customer feedback

§  Include hot fixes built since the V1 Adapter Pack released

§  Support new Microsoft Platform releases