WCF Siebel adapter Vs Biztalk Siebel adapter

What are the differences between old Siebel adapter shipped with Biztalk releases and WCF based Siebel adapter? Here is the list:

  1. Since new Siebel adapter is developed using WCF LOB Adapter SDK (ASDK), ASDK features like Browse, Search and Resolve are available to end users via metadata search browse tool. While old adapter supports only browse.
  2. Metadata returned by new adapter complies with standard webservice WSDL format. This means Siebel adapter can be consumed by various technologies as webservices after the generated contract gets hosted as WCF service.
  3. New Siebel adapter has broader reach. It can be consumed by any.NET application, Biztalk, SQL Server integration services, MOSS etc. While old adapter can only work with Biztalk.
  4. Siebel runtime support is much better.
    1. Support for various types of picklists which are static bounded, static unbounded, dynamic etc.
    2. Support for Siebel Multi-valued links. New Siebel adapter supports creation of association, querying for associated records as well as deletion of association.
    3. Streaming support. Siebel adapter always streams the response of Query operation on output side while on input side it stream the insert requests. This makes new siebel adapter ideal for bulk insert/bulk export without worrying about hitting memory overflow issues.