Office Communication Server 2007 R2 launch and UCMA 2.0 SDK

I was waiting since long time for the launch event of OCS-2007, finally the launch day is arrived. Tomorrow 9:30 am you can join the virtual launch event.

I am specifically excited to tell about new richer version of UCMA 2.0 SDKs, which we were working since last one year. Now developers are empowered to build number of middle tier scenarios like custom automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, gateway scenarios, enhanced presence based communications etc. We do now have SIP based signaling protocol stack, media stack and speech engine containing speech recognition and speech synthesis.

In next few days I would be writing about SIP signaling pieces of UCMA sdk, at the high level you can see following features

- ServerPlatform with TLS connectivity and in-built connection management,

- Fully baked endpoint API, which supports trusted ApplicationEndpoint and regular UserEndpoint,

- Better Presence publication and subscribe APIs, which abstract previous SipSubscription class to LocalOwnerPresence and RemotePresence classes,

- ContactGroupServices class exposes Contact/Group management APIs ,

- Multiparty, multimodal Conversation model, which enables multi-modal, multi-party conversation,

- Conversation escalation, where simple 2 party call could be escalated to multiparty conference and add new madality in existing conversation,

- ConferenceManagementServices class exposes API to schedule, modify, schedule conference,

- In built support for Audio (AudioVideoCall) and IM (InstantMessagingCall), all SDP negotiation is handled under the cover,

- In addition to number of How-to samples, a fully working sample for ACD (skill based automatic call distribution)

- ClientPlatform to simulate client scenarios for testing purposes

I am looking forward to write more details about these and waiting to see exciting scenarios built using UCMA.

Following are the download pointer to download UCMA SDK for reference

UCMA 2.0 SDK - 32 bit =

UCMA 2.0 SDK - 64 bit =