Office Communicator Web Access is RTM

Finally the official RTM day for Communicator Web Access (CWA) is arrived, its pretty cool to watch the real time presence and IM to your contacts from web based application. For me it was very exciting to deliver my first RTC product in hands of the customer.

Its pretty cool application demonstrating the power of AJAX and it is 100% managed application build on .net frameworks 2.0. Ofcourse it also uses the power of my favourite System.Net classes of .net frameworks. UI is pretty much same as familiar office communicator 2005. It is useful for anyone working remotely or non windows machine.  For Microsoft people it is already deployed (check => https im dot microsoft dot com), I found it very useful for communication, when I am sitting at home and not connected to my office machine.

To get more information and FAQ you can read Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access Overview

If you are looking for download check the Microsoft download center - Communicator Web Access download

One comment I can not resist to mention about UI, it is so much similar to office communicator 2005 :) that one of my friend even asked "How did it launch the office communicator on my machine and would it work on a machine with no office communicator installed. " Only later he realize that it is browser window not the office communicator application.


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