How Dynamic is your Datacenter?

The System Center toolsets that I work with are all about the Dynamic Datacenter. We provide solutions that allow you to Integrate, Automate and Orchestrate within the Datacenter.

I am very interested in where people are at now, regardless of the solutions you currently use.  Are you at the beginning of your journey and still do things quite manually?  Have you implemented some solutions to take that manual burden away? Or are you in the fantastic position of having done that and now you’re looking to really leverage the platform?

I’d love to where you are at.  If you could click on the option that best applies to you and hit submit.  If you are a service provider, you can enter multiple times for each account if you wish Smile

I intend to collate these results, and write up some further posts on what the Dynamic Datacenter means, why you need to care about these things, and of course how System Center gets you there!