ADO.NET Entity Framework - Orcas Beta 1


What else do you need to know about the Entity Framework? We've documented basic syntax and provided a few samples. How can we improve the documentation? Send us scenarios you want to implement.

Orcas Beta 1 contains the ADO.NET Entity Framework. This technology requires new ways of thinking about data applications. The documentation included with Beta 1 introduces design concepts and provides examples to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The ADO.NET team blog will help to answer questions that remain after you've read enough of the documentation to implement an Entity Data Model and write some code using the Entity Client.

We want to answer your questions. As you begin to work with the Entity Framework, add your comments to this post or one of the others on this blog that target specific features of the Entity Framework. This is a direct connection to the people who designed the Entity Framework. You can get answers to your questions and save time getting past the difficulties of working with new technology. The questions you raise will generate a lot of discussion at Microsoft. You'll get fast answers and help us make the next release of the Entity Framework easier to use.

Are there any particular features of the Entity Framework that need more documentation? In order to implement the examples in the documentation, the writers on this project resolved many of the coding issues you will encounter as you experiment with this framework. How can we make it easier for you to understand schema syntax and application code?

Tell us about the data applications you want to implement. Which scenarios for using this framework interest you most? The entity data model exists to increase your productivity. Using this model, you can resolve data access issues and concentrate directly on application scenarios. Tell us how we can help you get started. Your questions will get fast answers, and your feedback will improve the next release of the Entity Framework.

Mike Dodaro

Programmer/ Writer