Database Vendors and 3rd Party Providers Support

CoreLab: "Core Lab provides high-quality solutions for native connectivity, database design and management for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Due to intensive use of design time features and advanced technologies, the ADO.NET data providers from Core Lab simplify development of database applications to the level where it is completely easy to understand and use."


MySQL AB: "We are glad to support this announcement to encourage greater use of the ADO.NET Entity Framework," said Nicolas Pujol, MySQL AB's senior director of worldwide alliances. "The ADO.NET Entity Framework promises to help application developers and DBAs to be more productive in designing and supporting business applications -- regardless of which back-end database they are using."


Npgsql: " We are excited about the announcement of the ADO.NET Entity Framework. This will boost productivity for developers when using ADO.NET and PostgreSQL. This is the one of the biggest moments for the Npgsql team since we were chosen as the official Postgresql ADO.NET provider for the Mono project."


OpenLink: "The ADO.NET Entity Framework provides a powerful mechanism meshing a persistent conceptual data layer atop backend databases without any backend database specificity," said Kingsley Idehen, CEO, OpenLink Software. "As leading developers of high-performance data access drivers for ODBC, OLE-DB, and ADO.Net, the ADO.NET Entity Framework provides a coherent evolutionary path for our data access middleware portfolio."


VistaDB: "VistaDB is very excited about LINQ. We really like the idea of strongly typed data, and not having to write complicated SQL. VistaDB is written in C# and that makes the ability to write data access code in the same environment amazing. VistaDB will provide a LINQ beta provider for subscribers."