While I was out last week...

While catching up from having been out on vacation last week, here's a few items that I'd missed...

  • Toshiba, also one of the companies active in TC46, announced that their e-STUDIO MFPs have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo and include support for the XPS Print Path;┬ádirect consumption of XPS documents; as well as support for other Windows Vista technologies including the Windows Color System and WS Print and Scan support.
  • Able2Extact adds support for extraction and conversion of XPS.
  • VeryDOC converts to XPS.
  • John McDermott, Xerox CIO, talks about standards in the document space, including support for XPS standardization.
  • Jan Van Den Beld, former Ecma Secretary General, talks to Computer World about the standards process.