XPS at Graph Expo 2007

Question: What do Xerox, Konica Minolta, Quark, Screen, Global Graphics, Xitron, Software Imaging, Zoran, Pagemark Technologies, Quality Logic and XPS Review have in common?

Answer: They are all listed as sponsors of the XPS Land showcase at this year's Graph Expo trade show for the prepress and printing industry.

It's always exciting to see people building solutions around the XPS format; building on the platforms we've provided in Windows Vista, the .Net Framework, the 2007 Microsoft Office System and (of course) the platform provided by the XPS format. What's particularly interesting about Graph Expo's XPS Land is that a number of companies have seen that XPS can address specific issues in their industry, in this case within print publishing, and are developing solutions in an area not typically associated with technologies introduced by Microsoft.

Cary Sherburne has additional comment on XPS at Graph Expo over on whattheythink.com while in related news: Zoran has announced an enhanced version of their IPS interpreter for XPS, and Global Graphics has announced Harlequin+, also with XPS support.

Now, what was it that I was saying about a growing ecosystem?