Who are we ? - introducing EntLib 4.0 and Unity Team

In my previous posting, I’ve acknowleged everybody who worked on EntLib 1.0-3.1. I should have mentioned the technical experts who participate in our advisories and help with their critiques and suggestions. Many thanks to them too!

And now … on to the new team – the one that is currently working on the next release of EntLib (v4.0) and Unity. I am posting the team picture because the world must know its heroes :) On the other hand, if we do a poor job, you’ll know who to throw tomatoes or eggs at. Anyway, I am pleased to introduce to you (left to right):

EntLib 4 Team

Venkata Sirangi (tester), Naveen Guda (test lead), Fernando Simonazzi (architect/developer), Hanz Zhang (test manager), Scott Densmore (program manager), Chris Tavares (dev lead), Nicolas Botto (dev), Bill Loeffler (program manager), Alex Homer (technical writer), Grigori Melnik (product manager).

Not shown are Nelly Delgado (technical editor), RoAnn Corbisier (technical editor) and Vijaya Janakiraman (tester).

This is a great team which I am proud to be part of!