I guess I'm in the OO guild

Actually, I was in <Lithe> for a while, but I haven't played WoW in a good long time. I just came across this post on 'If programming were an RPG...'. I think if we had the time we could probably build up the skill tree a bit more, and perhaps add some special skills for each of the guilds. Ok, yes, I can be a geek at times.

I finally started working on a small sample application to demonstrate a few of the areas I mentioned a little while ago. It's going to be an electronic document management system, which is a fancy term that means it tracks where architectural drawings are in a company. Part demonstration, part me trying out some ideas I've been reading .. hopefully some good will come of it :)

For some reason, the link doesn't work off this site. Here's the URL (with another vain attempt at a link):  http://hyperthink.net/blog/2007/04/02/If+Programming+Were+An+RPG.aspx