My Wss Adapter blog/tools To Do list

Here are some of the things that I am would like to cover in this blog in the future. These are just some of the ideas that I have, I do not guarantee that I will get to all of them, or any of them for that matter, but I'll do my best to get to at least some of them.
1 - Complete Wss Adapter tutorials 1 through 3 - I will complete the tutorials and I will comment each of the steps explaining why each particular step is needed. Normally, this info should be already in the tutorial, but since this is a beta, the documentation does not have this information. I will also make the completed tutorials available for download.
2 - Detailed comparison of native WSS Adapter and GotDotNet adapters  - This would be a continuation of my previous high-level comparison of the 2 adapter implementations.
3 - How to upgrade from GotDotNet adapter to BizTalk 2006 native adapter. I will provide instructions on how to do this. Possibly, write some code that will perform the upgrade for you and share that code.
4 - Office Integration - detailed explanation of the feature.
5 - Physical/Dynamic send ports and message context configuration - detailed explanation of the feature.
6 - InfoPath signature verification and party resolution component(s) - Code a BT Pipeline component implementing InfoPath form signature verification as well as party resolution based on this signature - This would be useful component that could be used with other adapters as well like HTTP, SOAP, POP3, FILE.
7 - SharePoint party resolution component - Code a BT Pipeline component implementing party resolution based on WSS.LastModifiedBy adapter message context property. This property holds the name of the last user that has modified the SharePoint document and it provides an easy way to identify the user that has uploaded the document in SharePoint.
8 - "Solutions" document library template - Code a SharePoint document library template for "Solutions" document libraries. A "Solutions" document library stores InfoPath solutions (not forms) together with the associated XML namespace and/or root element name of the forms that can be opened with that InfoPath solution (it is used by Office Integration feature). This document library will have a SharePoint document library event handler that knows to unpack an InfoPath solution (CAB file), extract the Xml namespace and root node and automatically populate the Namespace column with the XML namespace and root element name.
9 - SharePoint documents backup - Develop a BizTalk solution that automatically archives Office documents on disk based on end-user specified criteria (using Views).
10 - SharePoint tool for browsing site structure - this is something that I'll have to think about, it might not happen.