ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3

Nyss annonserade vi att en ny beta-version av ADO.NET Entity Framework är ute för nedladdning. Bland nyheterna finns:

Performance improvements

  • Much quicker object query execution
  • Simpler generated SQL
  • Faster view generation

Easier disconnected operation

  • Public, serializable EntityKey property on EntityReference
  • ApplyPropertyChanges
  • Attach on EntityReference
  • Improvements to EntityKey serialization

Extensibility and business logic enhancements

  • Partial methods in code generation for property changing and property changed events
  • Load with MergeOption

Query improvements

  • Additional canonical functions for LINQ to Entities
  • Apply operator elimination (makes more operations work in SQL Server 2000 and other databases)
  • Compiled LINQ query
  • ToTraceString() method on ObjectQuery<T> and EntityCommand to facilitate debugging


  • Connection management refinements
  • Provider interface allows better reasoning about primitive types

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ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3