Entity Designer CTP 2

Och när du ändå håller på och tänker testa ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3 så behöver du ju en designer för att underlätta det hela. Denna CTP passar ihop med VS2008 RTM.

Bland de uppdateringar som skett finner du följande:

Map using stored procedures: you can now map entities to insert/update/delete stored procedures in the mapping details window in the designer

FunctionImports: Create, update and delete FunctionImports in your model

“Update Model From Database…”: update model and mappings if tables or columns in the database change. Very useful during iterative development when the database changes after you initially generate the model & mappings

Embed artifacts in output assembly: package CSDL/MSL/SSDL files as resources in the output assembly. This makes it easy to deploy projects with Entity Data Models

Easier to find and fix errors: Double-click a validation error selects the offending entity, property or association to make it easy to fix errors

Cut/copy/paste: Cut/copy/paste entities and properties

Abstract entity types: Create and map abstract entity types in your model

Support for more properties: Concurrency control for properties and documentation nodes for entities, properties, etc

MSBUILD integration: new EntityDeploy MSBUILD task that replaces the erstwhile EdmxDeploy.exe command line tool

Connection Management: Automatic Entity Connection string management in App/Web.config when .edmx file is moved/renamed in Solution Explorer

Easier Navigation: Navigate to nodes in the model browser from entities and properties on the designer surface

Enable MARS by default: Wizard sets MultipleActiveResultSets to "true" in Entity Connection string when connecting to SQL 2005

Usability: Numerous changes based on UI/usability feedback

Supported editions of Visual Studio 2008 RTM: Standard, Professional, Team Edition, and Express editions (C#, VB and Visual Web Developer)

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