Jobbar du med webben? Här är konferensen för dig!

För dig som jobbar med webbutveckling och gärna håller dig i framkant så kommer det en konferens som kan vara något att eventuellt deltaga på. "MIX 06" heter den och platsen är Las Vegas. Nedan kan du läsa mer om vad som kommer att ske på konferensen!

Microsoft invites you to MIX, our 72 hour conversation live in Vegas, to discuss with industry leaders such as yourself high-fidelity commerce, media, services and security for the World Wide Web.  Join Bill Gates of Microsoft, Amazon, and web thought leaders such as Tim O'Reilly on March 20-22 at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas to learn about the web's next generation of content and commerce, plus the customer experience that is beyond the browser.  Registration is open!

The MIX conference is a LIVE conversation between web developers, designers and business leaders who create consumer-oriented web sites. Why is it called MIX?  The event is not only a place where you can Meet, Interact, and eXplore with Microsoft and others about the web, but we are MIXing things up by having a conference for tech geeks as well as business professionals who help make decisions about technologies and strategies for your company's customer facing web sites.  When you attend MIX you'll hear about Microsoft's roadmap for the web, and learn the latest about IE7, Windows Media, Windows Live!, as well as "Atlas", Microsoft's new AJAX framework.  Register today and take advantage of the low price of $995, as well as the discounted conference hotel rate.

At MIX:  

Developers can dive deep into the latest Microsoft web technologies, including Internet Explorer 7, Atlas/AJAX, ASP.NET, InfoCard, the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Media and others. Want to learn how to code pages for IE7 that render properly in other popular browsers? Interested in building AJAX sites quickly and efficiently?

Designerscan learn how Microsoft's platform technologies will allow them to create rich experiences that incorporate video, advanced typography, vector graphics, and 3D graphics. Explore new ways to differentiate your sites from those of your competitors, learn how to streamline the designer-developer pipeline and discuss strategies for improving your site's usability.

Business Decision Makers will get a solid overview of how Windows Vista and the Internet Explorer roadmap can boost site revenues and unlock new business opportunities. Get the latest Vista and IE7 forecasts from Microsoft, discuss the business implications of RSS and pick up insights on how to better monetize your offerings.

What kind of content will be offered at MIX? Sessions at MIX will be focused on two main scenarios that will help you stay on the cutting edge of technology, while at the same time enable you to further monetize your web offerings!  

Next Generation Content & Commerce

A plain old HTML experience is no longer good enough for your most frequent (and most valuable) users. AJAX is setting new standards for responsiveness and usability, visitors are expecting increasingly-sophisticated customization and personalization options, and rich media integration is unlocking new revenue streams. But building these richer sites can be difficult and expensive.

Microsoft's Dean Hachamovitch (General Manager, Internet Explorer team) hosts this exploration of how technologies like IE7, "Atlas" (Microsoft's new AJAX framework), Windows Live!, the Windows Presentation Foundation and InfoCard can take your browser-based content and commerce experiences to another level and increase earnings, while minimizing development and maintenance costs. 

User Experience Beyond the Browser

As web-based content and services become increasingly indispensable, users are expecting to interact with your offerings in new ways and in new locations.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore (Vice President, eHome division) hosts this overview of your options for boosting revenues by building "sticky" experiences that follow the user outside the browser, into the living room and on the go. Some of the specific technologies that will be discussed include: RSS, the Windows Sidebar, Office 12, Windows Mobile and Windows Media Center/Xbox 360.

You can view the MIX agenda and top session list at  You can also subscribe to the MIX blog to get our regular updates and find out what is new and hot with MIX. 

The MIX conference is $995 and registration is open, be sure to sign up today to take advantage of the low hotel conference rate at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.

See you in March in Vegas!