DTC : Component services error - No properties are available on this object.

In the component services UI, under the clustered instances of MSDTC we are not able to see the properties of one of the instances of DTC. It appears blank with the message : No properties are available on this object.


Configuration issues with the cluster. The issue is related to the problem described in the KB article below :
Error message when you connect to a cluster virtual server by using the named pipes protocol: "The machines selected for remote communication is not available at this time.

"SQL Server uses remapped pipe names. The issue occurs because these specific network names redirect the named pipe connections and can cause connectivity issues for anything other than SQL Server. Network Name resources that are created by the SQL Server Installation Wizard set the following registry value:

The SQL Network Name resource should be used only for SQL Server connectivity. Clients should not attempt to connect to this name for other functions (for example, file shares or the Computer Management utility), and no other non-SQL Server resources should be dependent on this Network Name resource. "


Solution 1:


We can reverse the change SQL Server makes during its installation i.e. set “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Cluster\Resources\%ResourceGUIDFORSQLNETWORKNAME%\Parameters\RemapPipeName” to false for the SQL Network Name Resource. This could cause SQL named pipe communication delays.

Solution 2: (The preferred solution - the way SQL should implement it) :


If you prefer to leave the key named in solution 1 unchanged, then you can add the following key on each of the cluster nodes.


Name: NoRemapPipes


Data: winreg svcctl eventlog

More Information

To validate either solution you can open “remote network registry” in “regedit” and choose a network name for any of the SQL cluster groups. It should open without any errors.