Beta MSN Shopping site (Part II)

Months ago, I wrote up a tiny blog entry about a preview of our upcoming MSN Shopping website. Today, as the msn shopping team blog says, we get one step closer to that actual release with a refreshed beta site. There are quite a few changes between that Feburary preview and today's beta. There are even more differences between the current and our beta We've come a long way since our last release and there are a lot of new features to show for it.

Some of my favourite features are:
- the new "Grid" view (number 1 feature on my list)
- the recently viewed section at the bottom.
- ratings! I love trying out new stuff and I put a lot of weight into what people say about the products.

And finally .... more stuff! there are now millions more things to buy.

In the last few days, people here have poking around the site and searching for things that interest them. It's been interesting to see what my co-workers are interested in. One of my hobbies is digital photography. Here's a comparison of the Nikon D70 vs the Canon Digital Rebel XT.

For the rest of the new features, here's the official page on the new feature set for the site:

Finally, this is still in a beta stage, but we're getting there and the site looks pretty good itself today. Again, tell us what you think, either by leaving feedback here or in the comments section below.