Finding the Windows Phone 7 apps

I will admit. I haven’t been shy in showing off my Windows Phone 7 to my family and friends. I have been very pleased with the phone. I know my kids (9 and 5) agree based on their experience playing few games on the phone.

One question I get asked immediately is about the availability of the apps and marketplace. There are plenty of apps and here is how you can find more about the available apps.

From the web:

Bing visual search has a WP7 app page that shows all the apps. From here you can browse the various apps available for WP7, find the newest app, most downloaded etc.


Here is the URL:

From the phone:

Obviously you will go to the marketplace in the phone to find the list of apps. When you are in “Marketplace”, click the “Search” image button and you can search within the marketplace.

Happy app searching!