"Tools for Agility" - A panel discussion at p&p Summit

We have been running Microsoft patterns & practices summit for a few years now. The next summit will be held in Redmond between Nov 3rd and 7th. You can learn more about this summit by clicking here.We have an impressive list of keynote speakers for this summit that includes Kent Beck, David Treadwell, Scott Guthrie, Jeff Teper,& Pat Helland.

Day 2 (Nov 4th) of this summit is focused on practices and on that day, you will find me facilitating a panel on "Tools for Agility" . I will be joined by Kent Beck, Sam Guckenhiemer and Grigori Melnik on this panel.

Kent Beck Sam Guckenhiemer Grigori Melnik


Now to the important ask: What questions do you have for this panel? Is it about XP? Or about using Visual Studio Team System for Agile Development? Or want to know how teams at Microsoft use Agile practices?

Please submit your question as a comment in this blog. Or add your vote to someone else's question that you also want answered. I will post a summary of questions chosen prior to the event.