Models conference - place to show off your DSLs

The Models Conference is in Genova, Italy this year (October 1-6).

If you have developed some interesting stuff in DSL Tools, this is the place to share it and get useful feedback. If you're wondering about the best ways of using models to drive software, this is the place to hear about and discuss others' experience and ideas. It's where you'll meet the most innovative practitioners and tool makers in the field.

If you have interesting questions you want to discuss, run a workshop.  If you've got some interesting bits running on DSL Tools, show them off at a Poster Session - you'll get lots of good ideas and make interesting contacts. Or if you've advice to give, run a Tutorial.

Models grew out of the old UML conference, and is the place to learn about model-driven software and development. Members of the DSL Tools team will be there; and have chaired and contributed to the conference on many occasions in the past.