A Special Company

I spent a few hours on the last day of my trip visiting Specialisterne, and meeting with the founder of the company. I don't think I could have been more impressed. For those who didn't click through to see what Specialistene are about, they employ people with autism  - specifically those with Aspberger Syndrome for testing and IT jobs. 

They do great work at this company, but there's much more to it. They take people who may not be able to find or keep a job and give them an opportunity to engage their brain in an environment and manner that ensures success (both for their clients, and for their employees). Everything at the company is set up for ensuring success. Employees receive extensive training, and there are liaisons that work with clients to help answer questions about working with people with autism.

But what impressed me most, were the people. The founder of the company is dedicated to the success of his employees. I had a chance to meet several of the employees and was more impressed. They love what they do, and love coming to work every day. Their always people come first and it shows in every aspect of the company.

Harvard Business Review covered the company in this article.