About me

No, I am not the was-a-Minnesota Viking is-a-Minnesota Supreme Court judge! I am currently a Test Architect on Microsoft's Engineering Excellence team. Among other things, this means that I teach testers how to be better testers. I teach many test courses, but my course for Microsoft's most senior testers, and the continuing to define the role of senior testers is where I concentrate most of my efforts.

Other than teaching, I work with test teams across the company to help them with their own test initiatives.

I've been a software tester for over fifteen years. The last twelve of those have been at Microsoft, where I have beat on various flavors of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows CE. In my current role with Engineering Excellence I am not directly responsible for testing any specific product but rather I am charged with helping all of Microsoft test better. [Feel free to insert your favorite Microsoft-bashing joke here...]