I'm not a blogger

Sometimes, however, circumstances make it necessary to consider exceptions. 

From time to time I have to give presentations windows CE, testing methodologies, or (as you'd expect) testing windows CE.  One problem I often run into is getting enough follow up information out to the attendees after the fact.  Anyone who has ever attended a developers conference will tell you how much more difficult the hands on labs can get once you leave the conference and get back to your office.  I think the blog will be very handy for answering questions in a public forum, posting support files and examples, etc.

I could, like many people, use this space to share my views and discuss my interests.  Although I could do this, I probably won't - there are plenty of other great blogs out there already, created by people with better writing skills (and more time) than I have.  Given that virtually every bloggers first post talks about why they're blogging, and what they plan to do, I felt it was appropriate to state why I wasn't blogging, and what I wasn't planning to do.

I'll post some information here about my sessions at embedded devcon sometime next week.