I’m overflowing

…literally, I suppose. It’s been a hectic few weeks for me, but some big announcements may be on the horizon…

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to check out http://testing.stackexchange.com. The cool kids among my readers will know that stackexchange is based on the stackoverflow.com site (and that I love, love, love stackoverflow).

But my love probably isn’t enough to convince you, so I’ll give you two good reasons why I think it’s so cool.

1. First of all, unlike “forum” sites where you have to figure out which forum to ask your question in (or which one to look for answers in), stackexchange discussions are flat – but are sortable in an infinite number of ways through the tags attached to the discussions. For example, over on stackoverflow, this link gives me every post about quality AND testing.

2. Points and badges are cool. Why do world of warcraft players grind on zombies for 6 hours straight? Because they want to get the cool purple hat! As you participate more on stackoverflow/stackexhange, you get points and badges. The badges are purely for bragging rights, but as you earn points, you get more privileges on the site (for the gamers in the crowd, think of it as leveling up).

Check it out – answer a question, or ask a question today.