More on PSQT

I don't think I ever mentioned that I decided to go to PSQT as a standby presenter. Of course, this means that I have to turn in my paper and presentation on time. The materials were due yesterday(Monday), and as of 5:00pm last Friday...I hadn't written a single word.  I'm usually not a procrastinator. In this case, I just had other stuff to do that was a higher priority, and the date sort of snuck up on me.

Coincidentally (in a move that completely saved me), my wife had planned to take the kids to her parents for the weekend; so Friday night, I went home at 6 to walk the dog, then headed back to the office to get started. I'll spare the details, but the short story is that with brief breaks for food, sleep, and a bit of exercise, I finished up the paper and presentation Sunday afternoon. Better yet, I'm pretty happy with it. The even better news is that if I don't present at this conference, I have a pretty good topic already completed for a future conference.