My blog is dead – long live my blog

I started blogging about five years ago while I was working on Windows CE. I started the blog as a place to share my conference materials, but it quickly turned into something else. Soon, I was writing this blog to work on my writing skills – practicing many of the tips and techniques I read about effective writing.

Today, I have half a dozen magazine articles under my belt, 300 pages of a (400 page) testing book, contributed a chapter in Beautiful Testing, and a foreword to JW’s latest (and have more secret projects on the horizon).

I started my blog here because it was an easy place to start a blog. For a bunch of reasons I won’t list today (some of which I’m sure will emerge in the coming months), this is the final post of my notes and rants blog.



But I’m not done blogging. My new blog is here. Sorry – you’ll have to update your RSS reader to point to the new feed location too.

As far as I know, the content here will remain. I took the liberty of migrating a few of my more popular posts to the new location, but if you have personal favorites from my past, just let me know in the comment section and I’ll transfer them.