My March Road show

I'm heading off to Munich, Germany (is there another Munich?) later this month. The main point of the trip is to give some presentations at Siemens, but I'll also be stopping by a recent Microsoft acquisition to talk to them a bit about the mother ship and to answer questions. I worry when I visit acquisitions that they’ll think I’m coming in to change their world, when the opposite is true – I just want to answer as many of their questions as I can and relieve any anxiety they may have about suddenly jumping from a tiny company to a massive one.

After that, I’ll be giving three talks in three days to various groups at Siemens. I’ll be talking about reliability and virtualization on the first day, giving a generic past, present and future of testing at Microsoft talk the following day, and capping it off with a talk on model-based testing on before heading back home (and using the long flight to catch up on sleep and work).

Closer to home, I’ll be giving a presentation at the Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group meeting next Thursday (March 19) at 6:30pm. Sasqag are a great group, and that one should be a lot of fun.

After that, I hope to be presentation free (external to Microsoft, at least), until STAR in May.