Random Notes

I went through my drafts folder to pick a post to publish tonight, but none seemed appropriate, so you get nothing of interest. I finished up the "Test Test" follow up series last week and wasn't quite sure in what direction to go next.

I just got back from a short trip to Fargo, ND on Friday. As usual, I was impressed with how smart everyone was. Sometimes I wonder if I'm smart enough to actually be an instructor for some of these people - at least I have a handful of bar jokes to fall back on when I'm confused.

We took a moment in class on Friday to watch the latest Gates / Seinfeld commercial (you can view it here). I took another moment after we watched it to try and figure out what I just saw.

And finally, in the "that's weird" category, I've had 3 people contact me in the last month that I haven't seen in years. One tracked me down via this blog, another via facebook (where I never go), and I haven't figured out how the other one found me. Even stranger, one of those folks found a picture of me from 1987 or so. I'm wearing powder blue shorts and a Howard Jones t-shirt. I'm not sure how I ever survived until now.