The pitfalls of multitasking

Short story is that computers do it (relatively) well, and people don't. Last year, there was a bit of controversy raised when a King's College psychiatric study showed that multitasking caused a larger drop in IQ than getting stoned (one article mentioning the study is here. You've heard my rants about email distractions before, so I won't re-hash it, but I do want to use the subject of multitasking to make a point.

At some point I stopped writing as much on this blog about software testing, engineering, and quality. In fact, my posts haveĀ  been all over the place lately. I know that many bloggers only post random non-related links and thoughts (e.g. Scoble), but in my case art (or blogging) truly imitates life, and I think I've lost some of my own focus as well.

Dead hard-drives, powershell, and blogging software all interest me, but what I really care about is software quality. So while I will probably still fit in an occasional rant, I'm going to take a shot at just writing about software quality (or at the very least, things much more closely related to quality) for a while.