This is not an excuse

I wanted to reflect a bit on why my posting has dropped off so much since I changed positions at Microsoft. I'm not convinced that my postings will become more regular while I'm in this position, but on the other hand, I don't see why they shouldn't.

I think the main differences between my current group and MED are 1) MED (or any product group) is externally customer focused, and 2) I was more isolated, and felt there were more things I could talk about publically. As I type this, I realize that the second point is complete bunk. Although I do have access to a bit more "privileged information", there's very little of that information that would even be worth talking about in a public forum. In my current group, the "customers" are Microsoft folks - who I assume some of my readers are anyway, so why not keep on writing about things relevant to my job...or would that make more sense on an internal blog site? I dunno - something for me to figure out. I think any inibitions on what I could talk about are purely self imposed and unfounded. 

I'll see what I can figure out and try to post again soon.