Adding config.xml, generated by scanstate.exe /getconfig, to your migration.

After you have fixed the problem with scanstate.exe can't access down level manifests, (

you may found that now it's migrating too much - for instance, the "windows classic" theme is getting migrated from XP and your migrated customers are getting non-aero look of their Windows 7.

To tell it not to migrate the theme, you should use config.xml file. First, create one by running scanstate.exe /genconfig:yourconfig.xml on your source XP machine. Find the "theme" keyword and set migrate="no"

Then, copy captured file to your x86 USMT4 package folder.

So, now, if you use MDT extensions, you should see it under C:\_SMSTaskSequence\USMT\config.xml

Then, you need to set OSDMigrateAdditionalCaptureOptions to /config:"C:\_SMSTaskSequence\USMT\config.xml" in "set variable" step in your Task Sequence right after "Capture Network Settings".