Ballmer: Microsoft Will Virtualize Linux

The Microsoft Press Pass site has the transcript of the keynote here, and you can see the video here. reports:

"Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company would make serious investments in, and open up, its Virtual Server 2005 product to run on non-Windows machines.

This includes Linux, he said during his keynote address Wednesday at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas. To prove the point, Microsoft official Bill Anderson demonstrated how Red Hat Linux could run on Virtual Server 2005. "

The Register :

"Ballmer: Interoperability, interoperability, interoperability:

..."I want to make sure today you understand that from a management perspective we are absolutely committed to interoperability. We're committed to work in broad industry partnership to deliver great interoperability," Ballmer claimed.

In an effort to further convince skeptics, Ballmer promised integrated and improved services for Windows Server 2003 Release 2, due later this year, for connecting to Unix systems, and tools that allow federated identity through Active Directory."