Best Browser - Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, or Opera 9?

ExtremeTech has written up the most comprehensive comparison between recent versions of three browsers that I've seen.

Now, in case you're wondering - 'oh yeah, you are blogging this because IE7 comes up top, right?' , I'm not, because that is not the article's conclusion.

In fact, the article's conclusion is not conclusive in this respect, but the review team did conclude that IE7 (beta 3), Firefox 2 (beta 1) and Opera 9 are all pretty good...

"Users will reap some benefits from upgrading to any of these browsers, and all are excellently engineered, well-working software with lots of convenience, capability, and security."

The review (it's worth a read) has plenty of detailed feature comparisons and summaries on the 'best of / worst of' on each of the browsers (see summaries on Opera 9IE 7 Beta 3 & Firefox 2 beta 1) and performance comparisons on each.

My personal take is that the IE team has done a really great job over the last year or so getting the IE team up to par in the browser space. Getting this kind of positive review (from a tech-savvy site) for a Microsoft browser would have been unimaginable a while ago.