Blog in Word 2007

Joe Friend has some interesting news re: Word 2007. You'll be able to author blog posts using it and publish directly to your blog (via metaweblog API or the ATOM API).

Now, there's no way I'd be blogging this news unless I had read the following. Which I did:

"That's right. No more verbose Word HTML. The goal for this feature is not pure fidelity, but the right fidelity for your blog. The HTML for this post was created by Word. Go ahead, click View, Source in your browser and look at the HTML starting with "Word is a great tool..." We really are going pretty basic here. Bold become <strong>, Italic becomes <em>, Heading 1 become <h1>, Quotes become <blockquote> and on it goes. There are definitely kinks in Beta 2. For example we are encoding smart quotes incorrectly so I had to turn off that feature in Word, but the goal is to output just what is needed to make your blog post clean and readable (code and rendered HTML)."

At last :-)