Familiar Strangers

via Smartmobs:

"Intel's Urban Atmospheres research group released Jabberwocky , an intriguing mobile phone application designed to help people visualize, explore and play with their encounters with groups of strangers in day-to-day urban life."

It would be nice to have a Six Degrees of Separation layer on this. Scenario: I'm in Singapore - there on business for a couples of days but don't know anyone there. Got a couple of hours to myself before the meeting starts, so am roaming down Orchard Street, looking for a good bookstore for the flight home. Phone buzzes and informs me the best friend of a friend of mine is at the same Startbucks I'm at. I introduce myself (via IM on my Smartphone) and we meet in the realworld 5 seconds later....I ask if she knows any good bookstores.