'Feeds I pay the most attention to'

I installed the 2.0 beta version of FeedDemon last night. I've been using FeedDemon since as my RSS feedreader for over 2 years now and just keeps getting better. Great job Nick!

One thing that caught my attention in this latest release is the 'Feeds I pay the most attention to' feature.

My original top ten10 list included ego tracking feeds (RSS feeds as searches looking for inbound links to my blog), so I removed those.

Below is what I was left with it. Think of it as my top ten reading list- my recommended feeds based on where my attention has been lately. Here's the OPML file for import into your own feedreader, if you're that way inclined...

'Feeds I pay the most attention to'

(the bold marks that there are x number of unread items in the feed)


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