First AJAX, now AFLAX?

So what is all this XAML-based AFLAX I've been hearing about the last couple of days and what of it?

Fooshen seems excited:

"Web development has certainly comes a long way. Check out this product: XAMLON ( ). Create your app as if you are doing a Windows application, then let the tool generate the flash for you to use in the web!


First there's AJAX..(by the way, this is not a new technology... it's an old trick given a new name)

now let there be AFLAX - Asynchronous Flash with XML."

Could AFLAX the next big thing?  John Meyer is not convinced:

"Let's compare AJAX and AFLAX:

AJAX: based on Open Standards; runs in browsers from multiple vendors; runs on desktop; mature mobile support; has a great Open Source implementation.

AFLAX: Uses Macromedia Flash, a propietary closed runtime from a single vendor; no Open Source implementation; weak mobile phone support; sounds like an insurance company ."