Google News via RSS

Charlene Li:

"Google now has the ability to add RSS/Atom feeds from Google News. Users will have the ability to add three types of feeds: 1) Google News section feed; 2) Google News search results feed; and 3) feed from a customized news page. Interestingly, Google offers two feed options, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 (I believe, in a nod to their ongoing support of the Atom standard)."

Come on MSNBC Newsbot, I want RSS!

Update: John Battelle Loren Baker sees the Adsense integration opportunity:

" not be surprised to see Google AdSense contextual ads integrated into Google News RSS feeds once the syndication takes off. Google AdSense has been working quite hard on moving into the RSS advertising field and the Google News feeds will be the ideal location to showcase their relevant advertising."