Infuencers - 87% use RSS

A small survey taken by Nooked indicates how RSS is ubiquitous among key influencers.

"The Nooked - Influencer survey set out to establish if key influencers - journalists, analysts and bloggers – are using RSS to collect information for analysis, news & reports and/or determine their future plans for adopting RSS as an information gathering & tracking tool.

Over 200 individuals from a variety of online & offline media participated in the survey.

Of the target group, 25% were Journalists, 15% were Analysts, 45% Bloggers with the remaining 15% comprised of interested parties.

With Big Media – the likes of ABC, CNN, the BBC – publishing content via RSS, and the blogging explosion of the last few years, it should come as no surprise that 92% of participants are aware of RSS.

87% of Nooked survey respondents use an RSS reader, or news aggregator to keep up to date on content - Bloglines is used by the majority."

Via webdrain.