More FeedBurner statcrunching

As you might know, I like to keep an eye on my Feedburner / RSS / Aotm / feeds stats.

Neville Hobson has just shared some of his Feedburner stat data and I thought it was interesting how similar some of the trends are compared to mine. Some differences too.

Around 47% of Neville's subscribers are using Bloglines (consistently) and NewsGator at #2 (14%) , while for me only 22% of my subscribers use Bloglines (that is big drop since Jan 06, see below) and Netvibes is number #2 (at 18%).

My reader breakdown (June 26 to July 02 2006):

For my subscribers, Netvibes is really a new entrant - it didn't feature in the previous update I gave.

Firefox Live Bookmarks features in both of our stats (he 6%, me 4%). Unlike Neville, Rojo readers have subscribed to me since I turned on my Feedburner service in September (around the 6-8% mark consistently). The following is a snapshot of same period above. It provides more data than I've highlighted here:


FeedDemon is still there, but not where it used to be for my FB subscribers (I wonder if some FeedDemon users are counted as NewsGator now?...Nick?).

Another difference between Neville's stats and mine in the intial take up of the feed. His has quite a sharp take-up in the first few days, while mine (see below) is much more gradual. I think this is to do with the fact that I haven't been able to include an automatic redirect (where as I think Neville could, am guessing though).

Overall number of subscribers Setp 12 2005 to July 02 2006:

I still can't shut down my other feed or do the redirect, but the proportions are looking a little better now since my plea - I think around 65% of my readers are now sub'd to the FB feed.

This tallies with the 'Share Your OPML' data, which counts my two seperate feeds er, seperately (67 on the old feed, 97 on FB feed, which if counted as one would put me in the top 100, but whatever).

But Bloglines is the big dropper for me. It was a 31% in January, now at 22%.

I haven't seen any aggregate data reports from Feedburner, and would like to compare on trends.

According to Kevin O'Keefe, who spoke to Rick Klau, VP of Biz Dev at Feedburner, FB is adding around 1,200 feeds from 800 to 1000 new publishers a day. That's a lot of data...a lot of readers and lot of publishers...