My top 20 web moments of 2005

Richard MacManus continues the end of year wrap-ups with his Top 10 Web 2.0 Moments.

In a nutshell:

10. Ask Jeeves buys Bloglines
9. The Return of Amazon (Mechanical Turk and Alexa Web Services)
8. Microsoft embraces and extends RSS with Really Simple Sharing
7. Ajax
6. Memeorandum
5. Google Base
4. Yahoo acquires Flickr and
3. eBay buys Skype
2. Microsoft Live
1. Web 2.0 conference

All pretty good calls I think. My personal favourite of the above is RSS and OPML + SSE, in particular the OPML bit.

So in keeping with the theme, here are 2005's top 20 web highlights as I see them (not necessarily popular posts of mine nor Web 2.0):

  1. Web Standards Project meets Microsoft
  2. RSS meets Longhon (now Windows Vista)
  3. Attention! Yahoo! experiments with Attention.xml
  4. Yes, Darth Vader blogs too
  5. Area 51 on Google Maps Satellite
  6. Moore's Law at 40
  7. Screencast showing how to podcast
  8. Microsoft to acquire Groove Networks
  9. Using RSS 101 - the screencast
  10. Unusable RSS ads, courtesy of Jacob Nielsen
  11. I love the smell of comment spam in the morning
  12. Amazon: Web 2.0 and business as usual
  13. Identity 2.0
  14. RSS Magazine
  15. Markets *really are* conversations
  16. Web 2.0 Meme Map and Microsoft
  17. Bubble 2.0 or the Long Boom?
  18. ‘ctrl-alt-del’ will now be known as : ‘hasta la vista’ (ok, not web)
  19. How RSS thickened my Long Tail
  20. Man dies from online addiction