Scotty's ashes to go orbital

Star Trek's Scotty (actually, actor James Doohan) will have his ashes rocketed to space.

He's joined by another 186 deceased whose families have paid around $900 to $5,000 (US) for the privilege. Apparently this isn't a first. The same company that's sending up Montgomery 'Beam me up' Scott, Space Services, shoot-up in 1997 the ashes of Gene Roddenberry and 23 others.

This is thoughtful: once launched you can monitor your loved one's orbit in real time. And it's environmentally friendly too...from the FAQ:

"Space Services' spacecraft is carefully designed so as not to create orbital debris. Our spacecraft stays permanently attached to a rocket stage that orbits until it harmlessly re-enters and is completely consumed by Earth’s atmosphere – blazing like a shooting star in final tribute to the passengers aboard."

Btw, if you're feeling a little under the weather, it's not too late to make your reservation for May's flight.


Beam me up, Scotty.