Still plenty of journalists and editors not listening to the blogosphere

Yesterday I posted 'Don't believe the Podcast hype'. Seems there are still plenty of journalists and editors not listening to the blogosphere. If they were tuned in, I doubt they would have published the following articles within the last 24 hours (with no correction as yet):

This one is even worse! Gone from 6 million to 22 million:

  • Podcasting explosion (TechSpot - April 5) "It looks like something along the lines of 22 million American adults with iPods or MP3 players have downloaded "podcasts...""

But there are some exceptions. Washington Post:

"More than 6 million American adults have listened to podcasts -- in your dreams."

As Engadget says,

"Not that podcasting as a phenomenon isn’t growing rapidly or anything, but there’s no reason to overinflate its importance, you know?"